Polymer clay bracelet, “Vurt”, sanded smooth, yellow with a pattern of feathers, red/pink on the inside


🌟Handmade polymer clay bracelet. 🌟

🖤💛💗There is a book I love, called “Vurt”. It’s a weird book, and it is almost impossible to explain what it’s about.💓💛🖤

But central to the plot is a feather called “English Voodoo”, a black feather with hints of yellow and pink, that inside it contains another feather called “Curious Yellow”. ❤️📖❤️
It’s a book about love, drugs, weird quests, weird people, and you should definitely read it, especially if you’re a bit weird yourself (all the best ones are).

To celebrate this book I’ve made this bracelet, with English Voodoo on a background of Curious Yellow.

I would love for you to buy this bracelet. But honestly, I would be even happier if you read the book. (Or hey, why not do both?)

Inner diameter 6cm (2,3")

As with all my bangle bracelets, it is sanded smooth with grits from 100-2000 and then polished until it shines and becomes lovely to touch. ❤️

Both myself - I suffer from anxiety, Tourette’s and ADHD - and other people who have anxiety and/or are non-neurotypical, seem to find the tactile sensation of touching that particular unique type of surface very soothing, even this it’s not the typical kind of fidget jewellery. I sometimes call them “anxiety bracelets” just because of that nice, calming feeling of stroking your fingers over the smooth surface.

Polymer clay bracelet, “Vurt”, sanded smooth, yellow with a pattern of feathers

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