🌟Handmade polymer clay bangle bracelet.🌟

🖤💗The black part of this bracelet is made with my own special version of the technique “mokume game”, which creates a wonderful stone-like effect. I paired it with a bright pink inside - a colour combination that makes it look like raspberry/salt liquorice candy (that might be a flavour combo only existing here in Sweden 😋), and what could possibly be nicer than candy? 💗🖤

Inside diameter 5,8 cm/2,2”

As with all my bangle bracelets, this is carefully sanded with grits from 100 to 2000, a time consuming process that results in a wonderful shiny surface that is lovely to touch. ❤️

Both myself - I suffer from anxiety, Tourette’s and ADHD - and other people who have anxiety and/or are non-neurotypical, seem to find the tactile sensation of touching that particular unique type of surface very soothing, even this it’s not the typical kind of fidget jewellery. I sometimes call them “anxiety bracelets” just because of that nice, calming feeling of stroking your fingers over the smooth surface.

✨ It takes forever and it gives me blisters, but when you touch it, you’ll understand why I think it’s worth the effort. ✨

Polymer clay bracelet in black and pink, with a faux stone effect

225,56 krPrice