Necklace with chunky swirly purple beads contrasted with smaller orange glass beads. Crazy colours but it totally works together!


🌟Beaded handmade necklace in polymer clay.🌟

💜 Purple large beads made by hand in polymer clay with my own version of the technique “mokume game”, which gives them a unique stone-like appearance despite the wild colour. For some inexplicable reason, orange lamp work beads works perfectly as an accent colour, and bronze faceted glass beads and a bronze metal leaf 🍂 gives it cozy “curled up in the couch with a cup of tea”-aesthetic. ☕️

This necklace wants to keep you company while you drink a nice cup of oolong and binge watch Batwoman on HBO. This necklace doesn’t judge.

In Sweden there is a word describing a certain type of woman. The word is ”kulturtant”. She is difficult to describe, comes in many versions, but are almost always easy to spot. She tends to be on the older side (although not always), she dresses in wild and bohemic colours, usually with large-print patterns and caftan-like cuts. And she always have Really Interesting Hair.

🎭 These ladies are passionate about culture about arts&crafts in all forms, they are fearless and awesome and are the only reason this little country has any sense of culture at all. 🎨

✨Celebrate them with a necklace that almost certainly matches at least one piece of colourful clothing in their closet.✨

(And if it doesn’t match anything, well, then at least you know what to buy them next occasion.)

Length 43 cm (17") + 6 cm (2,3") extension chain.



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: glass beads, polymer clay

  • Chain style: Bead

  • Style: Boho & hippie

Necklace with chunky swirly purple beads contrasted with smaller orange glass be

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