Long boho tassel necklace with beads, sari silk, and handmade details in copper and polymer clay


❤️ This handmade necklace is very special to me, and made with a lot of love. ❤️⁣

When I was in my early twenties, I bought a blue dress in a “tarot, incense and tie-dye”-store in Gothenburg. I remember loving it at first sight, and getting compliments about how it showed off my “ample bosom”. 💕⁣

Somehow, the dress turned out to be magic. I gained a lot of weight, I made a gastric bypass and lost a huge amount of weight, I had children and gained weight again... and through all these changes, the dress always looked awesome on me. The crocheted bodice and crinkled skirt adapted to all my new body types, and so the dress stayed with me through every moving-related decluttering frenzy, 10 in all. ⁣

Now it’s twenty years later, and the dress is too worn to wear anymore. But I love it, I love the fabric, the colour, and the memory it evokes of myself as the new agey hippie with a fascination for herbs and magic that I was back then. ⁣So I’m using it, piece by piece, in my art and jewellery.

A handful of strips torn from it turned out to be perfect for this gorgeous boho hippie tassel necklace.
🍂🎶 🍂I made a copper leaf with chain of tiny hammered copper wires that makes a wonderful tinkling sound when the necklace moves. 🍂⁣🎶🍂

The tassel is topped with a copper coloured flower that I made with polymer clay, and it has a little brass clock to symbolise how this necklace connects to my past. ⏳

And there are beads and leather cord and sari silk. ⁣

❤️This is not my usual style at all, but I poured a lot of love into making it, and I think it’s absolutely amazing. I cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to the happy hippie that I once was. ❤️



  • Handmade item

  • Necklace length: 71 Centimetres; Tassel height: 22 Centimetres
  • Materials: Glass

  • Chain style: Bead

  • Adjustable length: No

  • Style: Boho & hippie

Long boho tassel necklace with beads, sari silk, and handmade details in copper

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