🌟Handmade polymer clay earrings🌟


✨ Six pairs of eye-catching dangly earrings, all are oval shaped, but with wildly different colours and patterns! ✨

🌸 Whatever you're wearing, one of these are sure to be a perfect match. Polymer clay is lightweight so it's super comfortable for earrings. You'll barely feel them there, but the people around you are sure to take notice!

✨ Looking for something to match your colorful personality, and that will turn heads when you wear it with the rest of your unique style? Look no further!


I am fascinated by combinations of patterns and color palettes, and discovering polymer clay was like opening a treasure chest with no bottom. I prefer variety when I’m creating, which means that its very rare that I make more than one of any item, so whatever you choose, you will be the only person in the world wearing it - one of a kind jewelry for one of a kind people.


I find the process of creating endlessly joyful, and I think you can tell that when you see and touch the things I make. I’m also meticulous, and want my jewelry to be durable as well as gorgeous.✨

If you cannot find the perfect match for your style, try one of my other listings for even more selections!

Handmade polymer clay dangly earrings, oval shaped, a variety of wonderful colou

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