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You have found yourself on the webpage Sofia Tilert Art & Design, where I, Sofia, show and sell handmade polymer clay jewelry and mixed media art. I am still working on the page, so there is no open web shop at the moment. But soon!

I am all about colors and playfulness, which shows in both my art and my jewelry. I love finding new techniques, new ways to play and learn.

I am very proud of my work, and cannot wait to start up the shop so I can show it to you in all its glory. But if you are impatient, my art portfolio is available to look at (you'll find it in the menu). If you are interested in purchasing original art, contact me for a discussion. Buying original art is a wonderful thing, and I want you to find something that fits you, your personality, your home - after all, the artwork is going to live with you, and it's important to find a compatible roommate.

You'll find more about my art, me, and my creative journey by clicking on "about" in the menu.

To be continued!

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