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If there's anything that shows off your own personal style, it is the perfect necklace. Discreet ones for work, statement ones for parties, anything in between - a necklace is what shouts THIS IS ME to the world.

Some of the necklaces can be lengthened - just let me know at purchase and I will add an extension chain. To really get a feel for the right length, measure one of your favourite ones, or make a test necklace out of something close to the thickness of the necklace you're thinking of buying.


The thickness of the necklace and the size of the pendant (if it has any) really matters for how the necklace sits on you. And of course the clothes you want to wear it with matters as well - a beautiful pendant hidden under clothes isn't much fun!

Feel free to contact me and ask advice on size, styling, or anything else you might want to know before making a purchase.