My art


I work primarily with polymer clay, but I also do a bit of wire work, often with copper wire. I love copper and think it goes with everything. I sometimes make my own findings, especially for necklaces.

I love making bangle bracelets, and I put a lot of effort into sanding them to perfection. It's a lengthy process, but once you've touched a piece of well sanded and polished polymer clay, you'll understand why it's worth it. I use to describe it by saying it feels like silk, but it really doesn't feel like anything else - polished polymer clay is really a unique tactile sensation.


Polymer clay is  a medium that plays well with others. Not all, but many. Clayers then to accumulate art supplies, at at some point, it feels natural to start using them without the clay, or with clay being an accent rather than the main piece. I suddenly found myself making art, and being good at it.

Mixed media is really the "what if"s of art genres. What if I paint and emboss this empty teabag? Is there really such a thing as having too much collage images? Does this go with that? Can I use these pens with these stamps? Or these markers?

With clay, I focus almost only on the pattern, the colors and composition that will be seen as a flat surface (even though the pattern usually go all the way though the clay), but wit mixed media I love to play with layers and texture. Empty teabags and modelling paste are my absolute favorite materials. I like using stencils with modelling paste to build up bold patterns, and then use the teabags to soften and to bring elements together.  I also like to cut out patterns or shapes from the main piece, with metal dies and a die cutter, and then let images or colors peek out from behind.

I use gelli plates, acrylic paint, watercolors, alcohol ink, markers, colored pencils, fineliners, stamps, embossing powder, gesso, watercolor pencils and crayons (derwent inktense and neocolor ii respectively), and I experiment with things I find or make up. In one larger painting I wanted a rugged structure over one area, so I cut open a diaper (a clean one), took out the cellulose granules, mixed them with acrylic medium an white glue and applied it to the painting. It took forever to dry, but it turned out beautifully!

I also like to "play with reflections" which is made up art speech for liking to use glitter everywhere. Not loose glitter, this herpes of art supplies, but glitter gel pens. I've decided after much thinking that this does not make me any  less of a serious artist.

I have a fondness for tiny formats, but now and then I make things that are a bit bigger.

Selling and buying my art

In the web shop you can find prints and stickers, and the members area has collage sheet that you can download and print out. to use in collages, mood boards or whatever original thing you might come uo with. I would love to see your creations! Just tag me on Instagram!

My original art  is treated a little differently though. It will be found under "art portfolio". and I host all my work on the website Marcel.

Buying and selling art is an amazing and fun process, but it is an investment for life, costs more than prints, and I want to be there to guide you towards something that you will be happy with, something that rhymes with who you are, and to tell you anything you want to know about the artwork you're interested in. Maybe that is an art print, or maybe it is an original piece - it all starts with you, who you are, what you like, and why you are considering buying an art piece to begin with.

If you are interested in anything in my portfolio, please contact me so that we can start this wonderful process of getting to know each other!