About me

I work a lot with  polymer clay jewelry and mixed media art, but I am interested in, well, everything. It is very easy to craftsnipe me just by mentioning some technique or material that I haven't heard of before. And I hope you do! I want to hear all about who you are and what excites you. I love when people are passionate about things!

I am a quirky, colorful person, and I think that reflects in both my art and my jewelry. I make things for eccentric aunts and for teenagers with purple hair.

I’m also eccentric, kinky, and a little weird. Most people like me, either because or despite of all of that.

I tend to easily get excited about things, and I have a curiosity that never rests. I love learning new hobbies, and I am fortunate enough to have a whole room at home dedicated to my art and crafts. I am addicted to looking at other artists and crafters on Instagram and Pinterest – I think it is so incredibly awesome that all these beautiful different creations are out there, and I’m fascinated by the people creating them. Maybe you are one of them?